…Or, A Nun in History Class

News Flash:

Today in history class, a nun was spotted playfully eyeing and joyfully cackling at the witticisms of one, Ann Blair, during her lecture on the intellectual ramifications of St. Thomas Aquinas’ reconciliation of reason with faith.  During the course of the lecture, said nun reportedly bit her nails, tucked her hair under her habit, and smiled periodically towards the professor, who is 24 years her junior.  Though reports are still forthcoming, experts speculate the nun may have missed the plane that was scheduled to take her to the lenten retreat this weekend, and arrived in the class by mistake.  Recently released photos of nuns splashing about suggest the holy student may be trying to reenact Mickey Mouse’s Pagan tradition of controlling ocean waves during a tempest.  More reports to follow.




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One response to “…Or, A Nun in History Class

  1. Anne

    It’s a shame that said nun was absent for Sean Connery’s masterful role as William of Baskerville in “The Name of the Rose.” Even with it’s plot reduced to a half-hour focusing on the role of books in the movie, I’m sure she would have found plenty about which to cackle.

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