Try Walk A Mile In These

I used to live in heels.  Then I moved to Cambridge, and there was brick.  Unrelenting, unforgiving, ubiquitous brick.  I became a flat-sole aficionado, and somewhere in the midst of conversion — like a Christian Copt deriding his neighbors — I became scornful of those who still clung to their high-heeled ways.  To the girls who teeter-tottered past me on their precarious pedestals, I could offer only an incredulous look, and perhaps an unsympathetic snigger when a loose brick sent them into inelegant flails.


A favorite from Vivienne Westwood — the “mock croc” platforms from her 1993 “Anglomania” show.

And then this week, I had a relapse.  The trigger for me was the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever owned — sleek black pumps, plain, with a pointed toe and a modest heel.  In them, I could prevail over the season’s slush and even conquer the walk to the Quad.  I didn’t mind when others laughed at their impracticality.  I was won over.

Given these new developments, it’s not surprising that this New York Times online spread — a tribute to Darwin and the high heel — should tickle me this morning.  Give them a spin, unless you have low tolerance for the mock intellectualization of fashion — wait, hold on, unless you have a penis.



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