Aggrandize, Electric

So I like the duo Electric President well enough (though not so well to recommend them, so don’t click on that link, listen to some Ms. John Soda instead for an indietronic fix), but in some musical explorations this evening (I have a paper I’m putting off), I stumbled across their description on and was a little repulsed:

“[Electric President has] a sound that would be very much like if you threw The Postal Service, The Decemberists, The Flaming Lips, and George Orwell in a large blender.”

Awkward syntax aside, that’s quite the claim — first off, sounding like The Flaming Lips is nothing to advertise, and second, who thinks well enough of Electric President’s music to equate it with George Orwell in a blender (or to compare them with the Decemberists)?

And so the over-intellectualization of music strikes again. Friends will remind me that I’m guilty of this too, and I’ll admit, an Enon tune prompted me last week to look up some Edward Said, but when it goes too far — when a half-decent act becomes Orwellian — it goes too far.

It’s all just sound,



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