Reason #587 Why I’m Jealous of Dumbledore

I could really use his Pensieve. 

I really don’t like writing.  Ironic for a blogger I know, but I tend to get bogged down in the details, and often have an incredibly hard time organizing my thoughts until I have all, or most of them down on paper.  This can be an exceedingly difficult problem for a chronic procrastinator like myself (btw, guess what I’m doing right now… not writing a paper with a rapidly approaching deadline!)  Combine procrastination skills with my inability to organize my relevant thoughts and my unique ability to suddenly start daydreaming about irrelevant things, like, say… I don’t know…. a fictional wizard?!, and you get a thoroughly tortuous writing process, which could undoubtedly be remedied with the liberal use of Dumbledore’s Pensieve, in which I could store all those annoying useless thoughts until I need them again, and more easily examine the relevant ones in order to find patterns.  If only, if only….


Hmmm, writing this post was not torturous… 


Any chance my tutorial leader will accept this in place of a paper on the tension between civil liberty and democratic citizenship in the Supreme Court case Wisconsin v. Yoder?


Yeah, I thought not.  I guess I should go finish that then…


~ Evelyn


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One response to “Reason #587 Why I’m Jealous of Dumbledore

  1. Evelyn

    This is a thank you to the lovely Maia, who just became my Pensieve, and helped me sort out all my discombobulated thoughts! Thank you!!

    p.s. discombobulated is a properly-spelled, English word, recognized by Microsoft word. it is also awesome

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