Objects On My Desk

Twelve copies of a 500-word essay, each with comments and suggestions handwritten by intelligent writers.  Mostly, the handwriting is decipherable.

Two green paperclips, hooked together.

A receipt from Staples.  On January 29th, I bought four colored folders for $2.06 and paid $3.oo cash.

Pencil with some masking tape wrapped around it, a remnant of my last postering trip for the Glee Club.  Our concert is on Saturday at 8:00 in Sanders Theater.

A journal I have not opened in a week, which is occasionally the most important item in my room.

Train ticket for the MBTA Commuter Rail, inbound to Boston from Zone 8 on the 22nd of February, cost $7.75.

Three pens, one blue and two black.

Box of Ritz crackers, two rolls of four eaten, two rolls of four left to go.  The peanut butter is on top of the bookshelf behind me so that it does not sit in the sun all day.  Absent: my butter knife.  It must be on the counter still, waiting to be cleaned.

A blank, empty envelope.

Satellite Bose speakers.  The subwoofer sits under the desk, always in danger of being dented or broken when I carelessly push in my chair.  The set was a gift for Christmas, a year ago.

Currier thermos, sans top.

Scattered debris and obligations.




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