Last week, while I was rifling through a store’s record section, I noticed that the album art for Xiu Xiu’s Women As Lovers


Women as Lovers, Xiu Xiu (2008).

— was different from what I had seen before. I liked it. More explicit, true, but also more vulnerable. Later, I started thinking more about the mechanics of album art (note, I watched Helvetica). It’s uncanny sometimes, how an album’s sound can be translated — funneled, more like — with such conciseness, and such aptness, into one image. But it’s done. Here are some favorites:


Time Travel is Lonely, John Vanderslice (2001).


Point, Cornelius (2001).


Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Penguin Cafe Orchestra (1981). Just makes sense.


Rio, Duran Duran (1982). Still a favorite. Alternate cover is also good.



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