Reason #304 Why I Love Living in a Small Town

I was recently almost elected  the next Hampton Falls Town Cemetery Trustee — without a campaign, any support, or even running.  Frankly, I didn’t know we had a Town Cemetery.

My sister (evil genius she is) voted for me for Cemetery Trustee (who I think is responsible for keeping the cemetery clean and beautiful), and I had a chance at winning — it’s a write-in only position, and it’s possible that if none, or only a few, of the 500 other people who cast ballots didn’t bother to fill in a name, I could become one of the new Town Cemetery Trustees.  Luckily, my mother and father voted for our neighbor, and so far I haven’t received any phone call from town hall, so I think I’m in the clear.

Incidentally, this is not in any way the most… interesting… position my hometown elects each year.  Hampton Falls also elects two Official Pig-Catchers at the annual town meeting. The Pig Catcher is an honorary position, as I don’t think there are many, if any, pigs still living in town (although we do have a bunch of llamas), but should a pig escape from a local home, presumably it would be the Pig Catcher’s job to help recover it. The PCs are generally a husband and wife duo who just moved to town from the city, decide to come to our “quaint little town meeting” and get a rather amusing welcome from the grumpy old men and resident rabble-rousers.  I believe my parents are both Pig Catcher-emeriti, and enjoy helping the grumpy old men “welcome” newcomers — and have repeatedly threatened to nominate me.  My sister just happened to beat them to the  punch.

So seriously guys,

How could you not love living in a town like mine??




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