Sometimes the Jester is the Only Man Who Can Speak the Truth

Jon Stewart is a hero of mine.  There are times when he expresses the frustration and bemused amazement I’ve continually experienced over the past few years in a way that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time — because as funny as it is, the truth is painful.  

Follow the link to see Stewart skewer Jim Cramer for his, and his network’s irresponsible financial reporting, and the role its, and attitudes perpetuated by it, has had in our current financial meltdown/breakdown/suckiness/recession/pre-depression/u-oh.


P.S.  Also, a pre-gray-hair Jon Stewart guest-starred on “The Nanny” in the 90’s as Nanny Fine’s love-interest/cousin.  Which was also a very funny show, FYI.


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