I just had to share…

…my new favorite website. 

Sometimes poignant…


…sometimes hilarious…


… and always insightful…


 … Indexed has become a seemingly endless source of happy procrastination for me.  The funny graphs scribbled on index cards are generally brilliant, fairly hilarious, and the site itself has received many awards (including webby nominations, and being named one of Time’s top 25 blogs), so you don’t have to take my word for it (especially as I seem to be far behind the curve on this one).


Check out the archives — not only are they extensive (at least extensive enough that after several weeks of stolen moments browsing through them, I’m still discovering new sketches), but they go back several years – which at times can be historically insightful — or just bring back hilarious memories…


But as always, beware of comment sections (which become visible when trolling the archive by date): while most comments are mundane hero-worship “you’re awesome” type dealios, occasionally the quips are vaguely controversial, and attract the ire of internet crazies and the rational people who must shut them down (as perhaps best described by another of my favorite sites, xkcd.com, in this cartoon).

Oh, and Happy Easter!



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