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…Or, Why I Hate Subjunctive History

I hate subjunctive history.

It’s absurd; it’s misleading; it’s epistemologically vicious, and it’s stupid.  I say trash it, get rid of it, pay a dubious-looking voodoo artist in New Orleans an inordinate sum to push pins through its glassy, grammatical eyes.  Anything to make it stop.

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…Or, Proof of the Existence of My Social Life

It is a proven fact of nature that there exist several types of people in this world with whom I do not interact well.  To give a short (but by no means completely exhaustive) list:

  • People who do not know how to cut hair, yet insist on marketing themselves as “barbers” or “stylists”
  • People who wait on the side of a road waiting for the little man to appear when there are no cars coming in either direction.  For miles.
  • People who blog obsessively.
  • People who do not believe philosophy has anything to offer to the development of modern thought. (Hello?!?!  A priori reasoning?!  Anyone?!?!?!)
  • People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures.  
  • The Dutch
  • People who make assumptions

My faithful readers may perhaps criticize this final category as unnecessarily broad; surely I don’t not interact well with everyone I’ve ever met?  Though I grant them the recognition of the category’s rather all-encompassing nature, I deny that it is too broad.  How can I make this assertion?  Via two arguments:

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Skepticism Summarized

Philosopher:  You know, you really can’t prove that the external world is not a dream.

Average Allan:  Okay.  What are the practical implications of that idea?

Philosopher:  I dunno.



Inspired by xkcd and a conversation with Ziek.


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